Review: Landslide by A.R. HADLEY

Landslide (The South Beach Connection Trilogy #1)Landslide by A.R. Hadley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 out of 5 Stars! Landslide is one of those books that will strike a chord with anyone who experienced a loss that left them shattered. She was vivified, brought back from the living dead by a landslide of emotions.

Annie is that shattered person. She is also a beautiful woman in her twenties who went to spend the summer with family friends in Florida, ostensibly, to showcase her photography. Photography was her gateway to freedom. It was a respite from the anxiety and helped her connect with others.

While reading the first few chapters, I realized the half-sentences, a syncopation of inner dialogue were of Annie in the throes of a panic attack. She was attempting to deal the anxiety without drugs. Her social life was almost nonexistent because of this debilitating affliction.

Enter Cal, the forty-something, alpha-stern, sex-on-legs, friend of the family friends and sparks flew. It was a May/December romance at first sight.

Cal’s description is integrated throughout the book. You will see him clearly in your mind’s eye; you’ve seen this guy, I’ve seen this guy. His allure was charisma and power. He was unrelenting dominance. His seduction of Annie anchored and conquered her. His physical possession enticed a dormant, repressed, sex-hungry goddess to come out in the open.

A. R. Hadley conveyed the complex feelings via poetry and the narrative through Annie’s viewfinder. Lyrical poetic metaphors prefaced each chapter. The carefully crafted character’s flaws were like a labor of love from a doting parent. Though I can’t help but wonder if Annie’s habit of twisting her hair is something Hadley does herself. In any case, I like this tic.

Did Annie change in this first of three books? She was vivified, brought back from the living dead by a landslide of emotions.

Hadley ‘s literary style of writing immersed me in the life of the characters, felt their doubts, endured the hiding of emotions and the explosions. I felt the soothing, the unsettling nature of their interactions, hook, line, and sinker.

Landslide ended with a gentle cliffhanger, nevertheless, if the second book was ready, I’d one-click it, right now.

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