Review: Prince Charming by CD REISS

Prince CharmingPrince Charming by C.D. Reiss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

4.5 Stars! FBI crimes stopper and criminal hacker find common ground. Sparks fly.

Following on the heels of her groundbreaking book, King of Code, one of the supporting characters, Keaton Bridge, a hacker who is even more secretive than Taylor Harden, has his own story.

FBI Agent Cassie Grinstead whose specialty is tracking hackers on the darknet has Keaton Bridge in her crosshairs and her aim is to take him down and earn a promotion. The trouble is she doesn’t want to upset their mutual chemistry. They were attracted to each other like a magnet to a nail.

Keaton and Cassie each have secrets, one more dangerous than the other. Thanks to a couple of well placed Easter eggs, the story wasn’t just another romance. Theirs was high-stakes, that took no prisoners.

Her creative mastery of contrasts and metaphors are reason enough to immerse yourself in the story. I love the way she peels off layers of the characters like the skin on an onion.

For me, it was a satisfying read to kick off the new year. I look forward to more.

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