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Ruthless King (Mount Trilogy, #1)Ruthless King by Meghan March
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Thank you, Meghan March for creating story magic with the Ruthless series.

Mount, the bad ass kingpin of New Orleans, launched a hostile takeover of an assertive businesswoman, Kiera, whose dead husband left her in debt to Mount to the tune of a half million dollars. She’s fighting him tooth and nail but he has her over a barrel, threatening to hurt her family and friends if she doesn’t submit willingly.

Kiera has chinks in her armor, naivete, pride, and family loyalty, that are endearing. Mount softens a bit against her outraged fits and uncharacteristically tolerates a lot of verbal abuse and defiance from her. Mount alternates between amusement and anger to the bickering when he pushes her limits.

Their sexual chemistry is as hot as a car hood on a New Orleans summer day. I feel like a lucky voyeur.

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