Enthrall Climax by Vanessa Fewings

Damsels in distress, badass bitches, anti-hero, and bi-on-the-side, the hero saves the day

5 Stars!!!  Climax, the final installment of Enthrall was an exciting read. It had a very satisfying ending to a fabulous series that I have read at least twice.

Our star-crossed lovers had to avert booby traps and dodge monkey-wrenches. There were betrayals and misplaced concerns. I practically flew through the book. Just when I thought some hurdles resolved, more popped up. The odds were against the couple reaching the altar. At one critical point, their plight reminded me of an unwinnable wack-a-mole game.

The cast spanned three continents. There were damsels in distress and bad-news-bitches, an anti-hero, a bi on the side, and an unexpected love match. The HEA that brought tears to my eyes.


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