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Review BLAI2E: Part 2 – Anita Gray

There are only a handful of characters that I’d cry for, Blaire is one of them.

In Blaire, Anita Gray wrote a compelling character.

In Part 1, Blaire was an innocent, robotic-like, trained-killer.  She seemed a shell-shocked, Stockholm-syndrome survivor, raised emotionally stunted. When she was treated with kindness and regard by Charlie, she began to feel emotion, and that’s when her pain started.  Her background is mysterious and had nefarious beginnings. She has no memories. The book ended on a cliffhanger. My review of Part 1 here.  

In Part 2, Not only does Blaire wake up in physical pain, then the ravages of emotional distress eat her up alive. Blaire made me want to hold her, tell her everything would be okay, that her love isn’t misplaced.  Betrayals hurt, and disappointment can do so much damage to a person who has little experience in dealing with the fallout.  Maybe, she would have been better off emotionally numb.  I think I need a hug now.  *pass the box of tissues, please.  *sniff* . Anita Gray, Blaire needs to win, in a big way.  I can only hope the win will balance the heartache.


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