Sin With Me by Huss McClain

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I just loved it. I got caught *feeling* the story more than *thinking* the story. The book took me a few days to collect my thoughts. Two lost and broken souls met and wordlessly fed off each other’s needs. Their connection was palpable.

Maddie just couldn’t get a break. Every time she made a step forward to get out of the financial and emotional pit she was in, something dragged her back down. Tyler just existed with no purpose other than trying to get through another day, battling through a fog of prescription drugs and alcohol.

The first time they met, a sliver of hope cut through their fog. Maddie did something for him she never did for anyone else. She was his angel in disguise. For his part, Tyler showed up just in time to save her at a couple of critical moments, but Maddie needed more help than that.

The changes just kept coming. Maddie was stubbornly independent, to the point of getting herself deeper into debt, preferring to get herself out of trouble but failing every time. But, when Tyler came through for her, she accepted his help. Both of them changed when they were around each other, a match made in heaven. They couldn’t deny the connection.

Tyler found a purpose, and that was to be Maddie’s savior. However, Tyler needed to save himself.

If this was just the beginning of the JA Huss and Johnathan McClain collaboration, I can’t wait to read the next book, the next series, and whatever else they have up their sleeve.

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