White Knight by CD REISS Review

4.5 Stars #secondchance #tendermoments #trueloveneverdies #artistrywithwords

If you’ve read King of Code, you’ll remember Harper. She had a sister, Catherine, the quirky spinster-do-gooder. White Knight is her love story. It was a fusion of all the good parts of a second chance romance and The Notebook.

Chris returned home to bury his pet, Lancelot. He hadn’t seen Catherine for thirteen years. He wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to see her now. The years hadn’t been kind to the secret childhood sweethearts. Chris left to get an education, and she stayed behind due to tragic circumstances. It didn’t have to be that way. Both relive the hurt and mourn the lost opportunities. Can they rekindle the flame or will pride and bitterness get in the way? It was sweet, sad, and tender.

I always find a memorable scene, a phrase, something that reminds me why I’ll read anything CD writes. She’s a visual artist with words.

“My skirt was around my waist, and my underwear was printed with roses. Old lady roses. My pants looked like a dinner plate, and his finger was stuck under them, ready to unleash otherworldly pleasure.”

I remember my dinner plate panties, they were yellow roses.

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