Review: Angels Fall by Huss-McClain

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Maddie doesn’t want anyone’s help, but she needs it. Her stubbornness is a recipe for disaster. Tyler needs a purpose, and her name is Maddie. Despite their tragic beginnings, Tyler knows he can turn things around. All he has to do is convince her.

The Huss McClain team created an adorably stubborn heroine in Maddie. The red hair and fiery temper are in direct contrast to the empathetic nature of her soul. Maddie is a conundrum of good and evil in one beautiful woman.

Despite his wealth, Tyler is a down-to-earth military guy with PTSD and an imaginary relationship with James Franco. He began the series as a person who lost interest in living until he hooked up with multi-career-former-wedding-planner-turned-stripper Maddie. When Tyler discovers her secret; his new mission is Maddie, all his focus was her.

The book ends on a cliffhanger. Another bad thing happens, it’s very bad and sad, and Maddie feels responsible. She vowed the only debt she owes is payback. Maddie deserves her payback, and for that, I can’t wait to read Flesh into Fire.

Angels Fall the second book in the Original Sin Series, is best appreciated after reading Secret Sins.




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