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Flesh into Fire Review 5 Stars

The story of Maddie and Tyler has been a satisfying journey.  I laughed, cried, and wanted more.  Lucky for me the story’s not over folks, the last book is coming, and I can’t wait to see #whatthehellisgoingon

To appreciate the rise of the Phoenix that is the combined spirit of both star-crossed lovers is to backtrack a little.

Maddie and Tyler started out as two lost souls, separate and apart, Tyler with PTSD, and Maddie unable to recover from the loss of a sibling and no one with whom to share her grief.

Added to Maddie’s troubles are financial failures.  Both business ventures started out quite sound, but something went awry in the execution.  And she almost became a failure as a stripper, until she let her freak fly.  Then, she met her lover Tyler and her soon to be tormentors on the same night.

Maddie was going to turn things around once she hit rock bottom, and the high stakes affected those she loved.  The bad things weren’t Maddie’s fault.  But the burden became so heavy, Maddie turned to Tyler, the man she’d given up on because he wasn’t there for her when she needed him.  Now, he insisted on saving his angel.  When Carlos, the local Simian drug dealer, dealt a death blow, Maddie was going to make him pay.  But before she could make a plan, one was made for her.

But Maddie was having none of it.  She was going to pull her own a$$ out of trouble.  Her backbone was a combination of the angel and the devil.  She was strong, brave, and reckless.  I loved her spirit.

I also love how the collaboration between Huss/McClain spawned consistently snappy dialogue and the kind of action and adventures you’d see in movies.

Maddie #letherfreakflyhigh #learnfromMaddie #freaksrule #angelscanbedevils #devilseventhescore


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