Passion Rising Review 5 Stars Huss-McClain

Passion Rising (Original Sin, #4)Passion Rising by J.A. Huss
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Bravo Huss McClain. This series is one of the few I’ve ever read with a male and female writing team. It is seamless prose.

From the start, the books read like a new voice.  The newness included characters spellbinding in their beauty and tragic in misery.  They pushed through every sad day, looking for something positive.  Their cataclysmic union was searing in its intensity and devastating with its loss.  And yet, there was hope.

Passion Rising took an emotional toll on me, but that’s the point of a love story.   Even so, I smiled through my tears.  Though Tyler appeared out of touch, daydreaming, hallucinating, and Maddie, doggedly determined, together, they’d survive.

The respective sadness of Maddie and Tyler were a painful reminder of how your life can flip upside down.  Finding that one person whom you’d die for, and they, for you, make the hard times easier to bear.

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