Blue is Book 1 of the Carson Trilogy

A harrowing accident changed Devyn Foster’s life forever.  She disappeared to save herself from the people who killed her mother, kidnapped her father, and soon, come for her.  She hid in plain sight, as a student at a nondescript college, a stepping stone to a career that was just right for her.

Ten years later, Devyn immersed herself in a life of intrigue and danger, but, otherwise, she was a beautiful, broken woman with no one to love and no one to turn to.

Determined to avenge her mother and put an end to the evil that shattered her world, she didn’t plan on Max Carson to distract her from the mission.

Devyn treaded a slippery slope between a vow of revenge and the promise of romance; secrets and betrayals threatened to shatter her world.

Max Carson was a private investigator who accepted jobs from the darknet.  His latest case involved recovering an asset from an international industrialist and turning it over. He planned to use any and all methods at his disposal to complete his assignment. But, he must go undercover as a bodyguard.

He didn’t expect competition, especially a raven-haired beauty with electric blue eyes.

He didn’t expect to be distracted.

He didn’t intend to break her heart.