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    COMING SOON – Cover Reveal for Blue

    You’ve asked for it.  The cover’s going live this Thursday. There will be prizes.  Add Blue to your Goodreads TBR How the book was one and done…not quite. Trust is hard to hand over, but Ira, also of MiblArt, promised to work with me.  My heart fluttered in excitement when I saw the mock-up Alex created. That’s not to say there weren’t adjustments or fine tuning.  They made it a rather seamless effort. Kate Halena was the content editor.  I committed to trusting her to go through a story I’ve put considerable thought into, baring my skills to someone else to find elements needing improvement and offer suggestions.  At first pass, I realized she understood the story and by the end…

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    Devyn Foster looked out the window lazily sipping her latte.  The abstract paintings, chosen by the designer, were the only source of color on the neutral walls.  No expense was spared for the luxurious office because this was where she met with clients. “V, hold my calls.  I’m taking a lunch break.” Instantly, she regretted sounding a little bossy. Devyn’s mind wandered back to the disappointment of the past weekend, the lost opportunity of him.  His brooding eyes glinted her way when a barfly sidled up to her at and put his hand on her ass as if he owned it.  Maybe, she shouldn’t have shamed the idiot so loudly and…