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How do Books Earn 5 Stars?

Via Goodreads.

An unforgettable world. A cast of lovable characters. A plot twist that leaves you breathless. What does it take for a book to earn a five-star rating?

To help us define perfection, we asked avid readers on Facebook and Twitter to finish this sentence: “When I give a book five stars, that means…” and listed some of the most popular answers. Which ones do you relate to? Share your favorites in the comments. 

1. “It cured my depression, cleared my acne, and aligned my chakras,” says Brooklyn.

2. “That I think even the guy who loaded the book onto the delivery truck did a perfect job,” says Heath.

3. “I called in sick to stay home and finish it and I will be pressing it into your hands next time I see you,” says Judy.

4. “I couldn’t put it down and was sad when it was done. A five-star book should pull you in and refuse to let you go,” says Nathaniel. 

5. “I want to read it again…and again…and again,” says Denise.

6. “I will have difficulty finding my next read because this one really rocked me,” says Tonya.

7. “I didn’t guess the ending,” says Claire.

8. “I forgot to sleep, eat, and everything else until I finished it,” says Nenad.

9. “It means the characters came to matter to me; they were authentic; they drew me in and I came to care about them. A five-star book has changed me in some way that I can’t even necessarily name.” says Gracie.

10. “The author was able to drag me out of reality, paint a picture for me, and suck me into the story like I was truly there, every time I read that book,” says Lizzie.

11. “That it profoundly affected me and changed the way I think or brought new meaning to my life,” says Stephen. 

12. “I was living the book, not just reading it,” says Susan.

The Confessional ~ Reviews are coming in…

5 stars
This is a great read. It also gives you a whole different look at people dealing with addiction and the way it affects them. Grace is addicted to sex. Saint is a private investigator hired to keep an eye on her. But is she the devil or an angel. The Author has really brought the characters out, you could feel their emotions, The Author done a fantastic job bringing the storyline.
5 stars
I am in love with this book!!!!! You GOTTA read it!!!!! It’s a MUST READ for 2019!!!!!! Reasons why I enjoyed this book:
Wonderful characters
5 stars
This story takes on a very dark theme - sexual abuse. It is done in a way to show the reader how a child could possibly cope with abuse. Grace is a wonderful character. The reader gets a glimpse into her world. It doesn't hold extremely in depth but does give you a good foundation.
Saint is her savior but I must say he really didn't resound with me initially because I felt he too was taking advantage of Grace with the excuse of helping her. He had his own demons to deal with in the story.
4 stars
This is a dark read. It is well written, interesting and kept my interest throughout the whole thing. I enjoyed watching the storyline and characters unfold. I recommend it to all. 

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The reviews are posted for The Confessional

“The confessional is dark, dangerous, addictive, and offers no cure or redemption.”

 “This is a great read. It also gives you a whole different look at people dealing with addiction and the way it affects them. “

“The Author has really brought the characters out, you could feel their emotions. The Author did a fantastic job bringing the storyline.”

“The storyline in this book is a little crazy, but oh so good! It takes a few chapters to really get into the good part of the story, but once you get there, you won’t be able to put your kindle down until the very end!  Awesome job, K. Nilsson!”

Confessional by K Nilsson is set to release on February 20th! Mark your calendars and Order today
Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2MP9xb2
Amazon CA: https://amzn.to/2MLUGOJ
Amazon UK: https://amzn.to/2MPUQ7D
Amazon AU: https://amzn.to/2MOYb7g

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