Blue Sneak Peek

Devyn Foster looked out the window lazily sipping her latte.  The abstract paintings, chosen by the designer, were the only source of color on the neutral walls.  No expense was spared for the luxurious office because this was where she met with clients.

“V, hold my calls.  I’m taking a lunch break.” Instantly, she regretted sounding a little bossy.

But, Devyn wallowed in the disappointment of the past weekend, the lost opportunity of going home with a man who caught her attention at a new haunt.  He wasn’t the most handsome man she’d ever seen, but he was intriguing, had the demeanor of a dominant, a self-assured alpha male; his broad chest and thick thighs suggested he was athletic.  The dark-rimmed glasses made him look like a Ralph Lauren model dressed in a simple black tee shirt and jeans.  But the guy was infuriating; he didn’t even give her the time of day, no matter how much she tried to get his attention, not even when she taunted him.  Devyn left the bar angry and dejected.  The frustration followed her home and lingered.  She couldn’t get him out of her mind.

Wetness pooled in her panties as she pictured him in her mind’s eye, teasing herself for hours at a time.  He’d pushed her up against the bathroom wall in the bar, holding her by the throat with one hand, fingering her clit with the other, while he rode her from behind.

Devyn pulled out a protein drink and a packet of crackers from her desk.  She took lunch in private avoiding distractions and unnecessary gossip.  Office politics threatened promising careers.   She knew it was foolish to troll.  She considered traveling to the next town over on weekends, but even that, exposed her to being found out, labeled a slut, and worse.  She would be in violation of the company’s morality clause.  It would be incredibly humiliating to be outed and fired.  There was also the possibility of being blackballed.  The mere whisper of impropriety would be a nightmare.  She was aware that being the only female executive at the firm made her an object of interest, prey to misogynists.

Her mind wandered back to the bar, to him.  His eyes were brown and brooding as they glinted her way.  She was very attracted to him.  He was dark, dangerous, and distant.  Devyn was well-aware she was eye-fucking him, even while he ordered his drink, a seven and seven, running his long fingers through the tousled hair, choppy and chestnut.  Extending his muscle-roped, tattoo-laced, arm to reach for his drink, she wished he’d reach for her hair to pet or pull it.  Devyn would be okay with it either way.

But when an idiot sidled up to her at the bar and put his hand on her ass as if he owned it, she dressed him down and insulted his manhood while she was at it.

Maybe, she shouldn’t have shamed the idiot so loudly, but the handsy guy just lost his chance when he blocked her view of dark and dangerous.  Maybe, she left a bad impression.

Putting her doubts aside, Devyn made a mental list of his attributes, hoping she’d get another chance, wondering if she could catch his attention next time.

What was she doing thinking about him at work!

Finally, the caffeine kicked in, and real life intruded.  There were emails to send and phone calls to return.