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    Title: Blue
    Series: The Carson Trilogy #1
    Author: K. Nilsson
    Genre: Romantic Suspense
    Cover Design: Alex Dembrovsky, MiblArt
    Release Date: September 25, 2018
    He was a mistake.
    Rookie Private Investigator Devyn Foster knows
    the pain of losing a family.  It’s what
    fuels her determination to resolve the cases she’s assigned.
    Her latest is finding a missing computer whiz
    who vanishes while working on a secret project for a tech company.
    Things get complicated when a one-night stand
    with a devilishly handsome man becomes her biggest regret and distracts her from the case.  The wild night set in her
    mind leaves her in an emotional spiral…
    Will she cross paths with this enigmatic man again, who would sap her composure and divert her focus on the job?

    Author Bio

    Kimber Nilsson is a fan of crime dramas, is a romance
    addict, and history buff. Kimber is bicoastal, loves to travel, is an avid
    foodie, and an unapologetic reviewer of books, restaurants, and travel
    destinations.   She is an amateur photographer and lover of all kinds of

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  • MAX – loose women, and a cocktail

    Meet Max Carson

    I specialize in entrapping cheating women into infidelity,

    Then photograph them in the act.

    They deserve to get caught anyway.

    Some say I have redeeming virtues,

    I want to know what they’re smoking.

    The truth is I’m not a nice guy. 

    I wallow in anger and resentment.

    Then, I met the princess… 

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    How the book was one and done…not quite.

    Trust is hard to hand over, but Ira, also of MiblArt, promised to work with me.  My heart fluttered in excitement when I saw the mock-up Alex created. That’s not to say there weren’t adjustments or fine tuning.  They made it a rather seamless effort.

    Kate Halena was the content editor.  I committed to trusting her to go through a story I’ve put considerable thought into, baring my skills to someone else to find elements needing improvement and offer suggestions.  At first pass, I realized she understood the story and by the end of the process, realized she invested herself, too.  

    I struggled with both experiences but fortunate to have embraced them. The release day for Blue is September 25.  I hope you mark it on your Goodreads TBR.



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    Rookie Private Investigator Devyn Foster knows the pain of losing a family. It’s what fuels her determination to resolve the cases she’s assigned.

    Her latest is finding a missing computer whiz who vanishes while working on a secret project for a tech company.

    Things get complicated when a one-night stand with a devilishly handsome man becomes her biggest regret and distracts her from the case. The wild night set in her mind leaves her in an emotional spiral…

    Will she cross paths with this enigmatic man again, who would sap her composure and divert her focus on the job?


    Devyn Foster looked out the window lazily sipping her latte.  The abstract paintings, chosen by the designer, were the only source of color on the neutral walls.  No expense was spared for the luxurious office because this was where she met with clients.

    “V, hold my calls.  I’m taking a lunch break.” Instantly, she regretted sounding a little bossy.

    Devyn’s mind wandered back to the disappointment of the past weekend, the lost opportunity of him.  His brooding eyes glinted her way when a barfly sidled up to her at and put his hand on her ass as if he owned it.  Maybe, she shouldn’t have shamed the idiot so loudly and insult his manhood.  But, he cock-blocked her view of dark and dangerous. 

    She was very attracted to him, something about his distance, his dark aura, and dangerous eyes. He lit a fireball between her legs. She wanted to lick his collarbone. But, the guy ignored her, didn’t even give her the time of day, no matter how much she tried to get his attention, not even when she taunted him.  He was infuriating.  Maybe, she shouldn’t have come on so strong.  Maybe she left a bad impression.

    Devyn left the bar angry and dejected.  The frustration followed her home and lingered.  She couldn’t get him out of her mind. Wetness pooled in her panties as she pictured him in her mind’s eye, teasing herself for hours at a time.  Her fantasies revolved around him pushing her up against the bathroom wall in the bar, holding her by the throat with one hand and fingering her clit with the other.  When she was close, he rode her hard from behind while yelling out his release.  Yes, she fantasized about many salacious scenarios for even more hours until at last, she fell asleep.

    Devyn pulled out a protein drink and a packet of crackers from her desk.  She took lunch in private avoiding distractions and unnecessary gossip.  Office politics threatened promising careers.   She knew it was foolish to troll.  She considered traveling to the next town over on weekends, but even that, exposed her to being found out, labeled a slut, and worse.  She would be in violation of the company’s morality clause.  It would be incredibly humiliating to be outed and fired.  There was also the possibility of being blackballed.  The mere whisper of impropriety would be a nightmare.  She was aware that being the only female executive at the firm made her an object of interest, prey to misogynists.

    Her mind wandered back to the bar, to him.  His eyes were brown and brooding as they glinted her way.  Devyn was well-aware she was eye-fucking him, even while he ordered his drink, a seven and seven, running his long fingers through the tousled hair, choppy and chestnut.  Extending his muscle-roped, tattoo-laced, arm to reach for his drink, she wished he’d reach for her hair to pet or pull it.  Devyn would be okay with it either way.

    Putting her doubts aside, Devyn made a mental list of his attributes, hoping she’d get another chance, wondering if she could catch his attention next time.

    What was she doing thinking about him at work!

    Finally, the caffeine kicked in, and real life intruded.  There were emails to send and phone calls to return.



  • Meghan March Ruthless Magic

    Ruthless King (Mount Trilogy, #1)Ruthless King by Meghan March
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    Thank you, Meghan March for creating story magic with the Ruthless series.

    Mount, the bad ass kingpin of New Orleans, launched a hostile takeover of an assertive businesswoman, Kiera, whose dead husband left her in debt to Mount to the tune of a half million dollars. She’s fighting him tooth and nail but he has her over a barrel, threatening to hurt her family and friends if she doesn’t submit willingly.

    Kiera has chinks in her armor, naivete, pride, and family loyalty, that are endearing. Mount softens a bit against her outraged fits and uncharacteristically tolerates a lot of verbal abuse and defiance from her. Mount alternates between amusement and anger to the bickering when he pushes her limits.

    Their sexual chemistry is as hot as a car hood on a New Orleans summer day. I feel like a lucky voyeur.

    #NOLO #kingpinromance #goodgirltakenbykingpin #shewilllikeit #alphaalltheway #badhusband #indebt

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  • Anita Gray Blair, an innocent assassin

    Blaire (Dark Romance, #1)Blaire by Anita Gray
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    Blaire was a gripping story of a young girl trained to be an assassin. She maintains a rare innocence borne of being sheltered from normal life and not without naivete. Blaire is surrounded by brutality but manages to be the blossom in the flames, and hopefully, she will end up as the rose amongst the ashes.

    It’s very brutal and dark. Maybe the author was been a bit trigger-happy?

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  • Girl in Bath Time by CC Heywood

    Girl in Bath (Girl in Paris, #1)Girl in Bath by C.C. Heywood
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    Time traveling with CC Heywood was a blast. Think of it as stepping into a Degas painting where a dominant is disguised as a gentleman and a feisty woman with a great singing voice disguised as a laundress.

    I think of the era and setting of the story as another character. The Belle Époque was the gilded age, overlapped with the Victorian era. The amount of wealth spent on the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Metro, the completion of the Paris Opera was proportional to the levels of optimism of the times. It was the age of Manet, Renoir, Pissarro, Cezanne, and Degas.

    It was the time for a singing laundress, Monica Fauconnier, once a model for a painter, to reach for the brass ring and become a star. Instead, she became the object of Jonathan Derassen’s desire. Jonathan was an enigmatic, divorced man of means with an obsession to make Monica a courtesan and his lover. But the spirited young Monica had other ideas.

    One of the story’s new characters was delightful, Madame Pelletier, the owner of the laundry where Monica worked. I envisioned her as a bosomy middle-aged woman, who stuffed handkerchiefs, change, sewing supplies, everything she owned, between her breasts. She was salty with a faint smell of soap, her thick tendrils escaped the headscarf, and her dark eyes pierced like daggers.

    Even though this book is an adaptation of the CD Reiss’ Submission Series, Girl in Bath can be enjoyed by anyone. It was a rich, textured, flaky croissant, full of finger-licking flavor. Who does not like croissants?

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  • Review: Broken by Bree Dahlia

    BrokenBroken by Bree Dahlia
    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    His eyes say, let me hurt you. It will be ok, I promise.

    Deacon Bruce was the exorcist of emotional pain. His silent seduction wasn’t just through his eyes, but his fingers, the tone of his voice, the promise of relief. He wasn’t dispensing a mercy beating to a willing masochist. No, Jacque’s pain was purposeful, dispensed by someone who took sadistic pleasure in the doing.

    Sadism is hard to understand on its own but Bree portrayed Deacon as a well-meaning sadist. Pardon me while I stifle my giggle because I know some well-meaning sadists.

    But there is something to using physical pain as a therapeutic method to achieve the cathartic experience of releasing emotional pain. Bree’s description of Deacon was what I would have envisioned, intriguing, handsome, and the accent. *sigh* He could beat the”brat” out of me anytime.

    Her visuals were as electrifying as they were tender. I felt like I was watching from the sidelines. The words made me feel. Loved the story. Excellent work.

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