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    SHE WAS A DISTRACTION. HE WAS A MISTAKE. NOW THEY’RE IN EACH OTHERS’ WAY. They had a one night stand, no names, no repeats, not ever. They never thought they’d see each other again. After a mysterious crash killed her mother, Devyn Foster immerses herself in a life of intrigue and danger, determined to put an end to the evil that shattered her world. When she learns the identity of the man who was responsible, she’ll do anything to bring him down. Private investigator Max Carson has never let anything stop him from getting the job done, not even one-night stands with mysterious brunettes. But when his latest case places…

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    Passion Rising Review 5 Stars Huss-McClain

    Passion Rising by J.A. Huss My rating: 5 of 5 stars #MaddieandTylerForever #OptionB #turnthepage #igowhereyougo Bravo Huss McClain. This series is one of the few I’ve ever read with a male and female writing team. It is seamless prose. From the start, the books read like a new voice.  The newness included characters spellbinding in their beauty and tragic in misery.  They pushed through every sad day, looking for something positive.  Their cataclysmic union was searing in its intensity and devastating with its loss.  And yet, there was hope. Passion Rising took an emotional toll on me, but that’s the point of a love story.   Even so, I smiled through my tears.  Though Tyler…

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    Flesh into Fire Review 5 Stars

    The story of Maddie and Tyler has been a satisfying journey.  I laughed, cried, and wanted more.  Lucky for me the story’s not over folks, the last book is coming, and I can’t wait to see #whatthehellisgoingon To appreciate the rise of the Phoenix that is the combined spirit of both star-crossed lovers is to backtrack a little. Maddie and Tyler started out as two lost souls, separate and apart, Tyler with PTSD, and Maddie unable to recover from the loss of a sibling and no one with whom to share her grief. Added to Maddie’s troubles are financial failures.  Both business ventures started out quite sound, but something went…

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    Review: Angels Fall by Huss-McClain

    #whatthehellisgoingon #sometimesangelsfall He #needs #redemption she #needs #salvation #allyouneedislove Maddie doesn’t want anyone’s help, but she needs it. Her stubbornness is a recipe for disaster. Tyler needs a purpose, and her name is Maddie. Despite their tragic beginnings, Tyler knows he can turn things around. All he has to do is convince her. The Huss McClain team created an adorably stubborn heroine in Maddie. The red hair and fiery temper are in direct contrast to the empathetic nature of her soul. Maddie is a conundrum of good and evil in one beautiful woman. Despite his wealth, Tyler is a down-to-earth military guy with PTSD and an imaginary relationship with James…