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    Flesh into Fire Review 5 Stars

    The story of Maddie and Tyler has been a satisfying journey.  I laughed, cried, and wanted more.  Lucky for me the story’s not over folks, the last book is coming, and I can’t wait to see #whatthehellisgoingon To appreciate the rise of the Phoenix that is the combined spirit of both star-crossed lovers is to backtrack a little. Maddie and Tyler started out as two lost souls, separate and apart, Tyler with PTSD, and Maddie unable to recover from the loss of a sibling and no one with whom to share her grief. Added to Maddie’s troubles are financial failures.  Both business ventures started out quite sound, but something went…

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    Sin With Me by Huss McClain

    #sogoodicouldnotputitdown #icried #ismiled #ihopedfortheirhappiness I just loved it. I got caught *feeling* the story more than *thinking* the story. The book took me a few days to collect my thoughts. Two lost and broken souls met and wordlessly fed off each other’s needs. Their connection was palpable. Maddie just couldn’t get a break. Every time she made a step forward to get out of the financial and emotional pit she was in, something dragged her back down. Tyler just existed with no purpose other than trying to get through another day, battling through a fog of prescription drugs and alcohol. The first time they met, a sliver of hope cut…

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    Enthrall Climax by Vanessa Fewings

    Damsels in distress, badass bitches, anti-hero, and bi-on-the-side, the hero saves the day 5 Stars!!!  Climax, the final installment of Enthrall was an exciting read. It had a very satisfying ending to a fabulous series that I have read at least twice. Our star-crossed lovers had to avert booby traps and dodge monkey-wrenches. There were betrayals and misplaced concerns. I practically flew through the book. Just when I thought some hurdles resolved, more popped up. The odds were against the couple reaching the altar. At one critical point, their plight reminded me of an unwinnable wack-a-mole game. The cast spanned three continents. There were damsels in distress and bad-news-bitches, an…