• Author’s note about The Confessional

    The Confessional contains sensitive topics, but, I wanted to put my spin on romance, sexual abuse, and recovery. Grace pulled on my heartstrings. After months of research, sifting through anecdotes, psychology articles, and the like, relative to Grace’s situation, I just wrote through her voice; she would tell me her story.  Grace viewed herself as a survivor, not a victim. She deserved romance and her own version of a happily ever after.  

  • The Confessional ~ Reviews are coming in…

    5 stars
    This is a great read. It also gives you a whole different look at people dealing with addiction and the way it affects them. Grace is addicted to sex. Saint is a private investigator hired to keep an eye on her. But is she the devil or an angel. The Author has really brought the characters out, you could feel their emotions, The Author done a fantastic job bringing the storyline.
    5 stars
    I am in love with this book!!!!! You GOTTA read it!!!!! It’s a MUST READ for 2019!!!!!! Reasons why I enjoyed this book:
    Wonderful characters
    5 stars
    This story takes on a very dark theme - sexual abuse. It is done in a way to show the reader how a child could possibly cope with abuse. Grace is a wonderful character. The reader gets a glimpse into her world. It doesn't hold extremely in depth but does give you a good foundation.
    Saint is her savior but I must say he really didn't resound with me initially because I felt he too was taking advantage of Grace with the excuse of helping her. He had his own demons to deal with in the story.
    4 stars
    This is a dark read. It is well written, interesting and kept my interest throughout the whole thing. I enjoyed watching the storyline and characters unfold. I recommend it to all. 

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