HE WAS A MISTAKE. Rookie Private Investigator Devyn Foster knows the pain of losing a family. It’s what fuels her determination to resolve the cases she’s assigned. Her latest is finding a missing computer whiz who vanishes while working on a secret project for a tech company. Things get complicated when a one-night stand with a devilishly handsome man becomes her biggest regret and distracts her from the case. The wild night set in her mind leaves her in an emotional spiral… Will she cross paths with this enigmatic man again, who would sap her composure and divert her focus on the job?

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    Meghan March Ruthless Magic

    Ruthless King by Meghan March My rating: 5 of 5 stars Thank you, Meghan March for creating story magic with the Ruthless series. Mount, the bad ass kingpin of New Orleans, launched a hostile takeover of an assertive businesswoman, Kiera, whose dead husband left her in debt to Mount to the tune of a half million dollars. She’s fighting him tooth and nail but he has her over a barrel, threatening to hurt her family and friends if she doesn’t submit willingly. Kiera has chinks in her armor, naivete, pride, and family loyalty, that are endearing. Mount softens a bit against her outraged fits and uncharacteristically tolerates a lot of…

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    Girl in Bath Time by CC Heywood

    Girl in Bath by C.C. Heywood My rating: 5 of 5 stars Time traveling with CC Heywood was a blast. Think of it as stepping into a Degas painting where a dominant is disguised as a gentleman and a feisty woman with a great singing voice disguised as a laundress. I think of the era and setting of the story as another character. The Belle Époque was the gilded age, overlapped with the Victorian era. The amount of wealth spent on the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Metro, the completion of the Paris Opera was proportional to the levels of optimism of the times. It was the age of Manet, Renoir,…

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    Review: Broken by Bree Dahlia

    Broken by Bree Dahlia My rating: 5 of 5 stars His eyes say, let me hurt you. It will be ok, I promise. Deacon Bruce was the exorcist of emotional pain. His silent seduction wasn’t just through his eyes, but his fingers, the tone of his voice, the promise of relief. He wasn’t dispensing a mercy beating to a willing masochist. No, Jacque’s pain was purposeful, dispensed by someone who took sadistic pleasure in the doing. Sadism is hard to understand on its own but Bree portrayed Deacon as a well-meaning sadist. Pardon me while I stifle my giggle because I know some well-meaning sadists. But there is something to…

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    Review: Landslide by A.R. HADLEY

    Landslide by A.R. Hadley My rating: 4 of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 Stars! Landslide is one of those books that will strike a chord with anyone who experienced a loss that left them shattered. She was vivified, brought back from the living dead by a landslide of emotions. Annie is that shattered person. She is also a beautiful woman in her twenties who went to spend the summer with family friends in Florida, ostensibly, to showcase her photography. Photography was her gateway to freedom. It was a respite from the anxiety and helped her connect with others. While reading the first few chapters, I realized the half-sentences, a…

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    Book Birthday! Fall (Improper #2)

    They are HERE, together! Earlier this year, I offered Carrie’s story with Improper, Book 1. The book is free to KU members.  I’m happy to say, the second part fills in the blank. blurb: She’s been looking for answers in all the wrong places. Doing all the wrong things … With all the wrong men … A really good girl … gone bad. Until someone found her at just the right time. On January 25, I gave birth to Improper’s sequel, Fall blurb: Carrie was on a journey of self-discovery and healing When one day, a predator returned from her past, Someone she didn’t remember Someone who stole her childhood And replaced…