St. Patrick’s Day Sloth, Carb Coma, and Quote of the Month

St. Patrick’s Day caused me to spiral into a self-induced carb coma. Lent felt like too much restraint. And when I pulled the Irish soda bread, out of the oven, the aroma of the bread dotted with sweet studs of currants weakened my resolve. I couldn’t fight it any longer and ate half the loaf. I’m going to share the recipe with you and spread the grief.
What’s your favorite food for St. Patrick’s Day? My husband’s favorite leprechaun-inspired dessert is a Brownie with Mint Icing. I made them once, and I promise to post them in the future.
It’s been challenging to shake off the remnants of COVID. Though our family is fully vaccinated, the virus made the rounds in stages.

Blue Trilogy’s last book is still in progress, and I’m ashamed to admit the delay began in 2020. But now, I’ve picked up steam and hope to release it by the fall of this year Devyn and Max’s case will be resolved.
The rabbit hole of writing a book is the research. I’ve frequently jumped into lists, fun facts, and where are they now type of articles. So much so that I’m inspired to write articles such as the Bad Vibes: The Bob Dylan and Joan Baez romance The Influence of Racy Italian Novellas on my romance writing, and my current piece, Salvador Dali: The Spellbinding Relationship between Mental Illness and Creativity and others with similar links to their creativity.
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Thanks for taking the time to read this newsletter. Talk to you next month, hopefully with an excerpt of the last book.

Reads of the Month
The Opportunist Trilogy by (Love Me With Lies) Tarryn Fisher
Streaming Video
Inventing Anna
The Tinder Swindler

Quote of the Month

Sing like no one is listening

Love like you’ve never been hurt

Dance like no one is watching

And Love like its heaven on earth 

~ Mark Twain